Tips To Make Women Horny Quickly

Sex is a very important part of a healthy relationship, and it always is best when both parties are well aroused. Naturally, men are stimulated faster than women. In fact, a man can be aroused just by seeing a beautiful woman walking, dancing, or even talking. A lot of men tend to think that because they are aroused within a short period that women are that way too. They then engage in sex only for them to enjoy and leave their women unsatisfied. If you want to make sex enjoyable and lively for the both of you, then getting your lady hot and bothered before you go in for the pussy is very important. Below are some tips to make your woman horny quickly.

Start early

It takes time for women to be aroused, so start preparing her early for sex. Before you even leave for work, start with complimenting her on how sexy and beautiful she looks. This will plant a seed in her mind that you notice her efforts and want her. Throughout the day you can keep the mind foreplay going by texting or calling her and telling her how great she makes you feel. By the time you get to the house in the evening, she will be waiting for you and ready for sex.

Stimulate her

You can go behind her, wrap your arms around her waist, then touch her breasts and whisper what you want to do to her in her ear. Taking her hand and placing it on your erected penis can definitely arouse her. However, make sure that you have caressed her and made her feel wanted before you just go placing her hands on you.

Focus more on foreplay

Sex is not just a matter of penetration, but enjoying together even before that penetration. The best thing you can do is to take off her clothes slowly, caress her upper parts of the body and kiss some sensitive parts such as the ear, lips, neck, nipples, and belly for about twenty minutes even before moving down to her pussy. Rub her clit for few minutes and then lick it, and she will be the one to tell you that she’s ready for penetration.

Hit the G-spot

After she is already warmed up, the next step is where she expects even more. Use the various sex positions that can hit the g-spot. For instance, using positions such as advanced doggy, women on top, and the G-spot missionary can make her orgasm very fast. And don’t stop when she is orgasming but instead, do it harder and faster until your lady is out of juice.

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