Chairs 5 and 6 are Spinning into Retirement


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“The crews demonstrated resourcefulness when they installed Chair #6 in 1976. Per usual, they dug all the tower holes by hand and mixed and poured their own cement. Easier said than done. Getting the decrepit cement truck, which lacked both engine power and brakes, to the top was interesting. During his first tour of duty here, Gordon Briner hauled it up with a dozer.

Gordon shakes his head in amazement as he recalls how they transported the cement to the foundations on Reforma. They used what they called the “torpedo,” a 40-year-old propane tank on wheels. Once filled, it would roll and bounce its way down Reforma to a tower site where the crew would catch and dump it. Sometimes they missed. Uh oh.” – A passage from Facts, Lies, & Funny Stuff about The Early Years at Taos Ski Valley.

                In 1973 and 1976, Lift 5 and 6 were installed at Taos Ski Valley. These iconic double lifts have stood for 44 and 41 years respectively, but this Fall, they are spinning into retirement. The towers will be removed in summer 2018, but the chairs have already been taken down and sold to season pass holders. The proceeds are being donated to the Greater Houston Community Foundation’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Our relationship with the folks in Texas is an old one. Donating the proceeds from the Chairlift Sale is our way of supporting those affected by Hurricane Harvey. To learn more about the Relief Fun, visit

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