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Taos is steep. That’s inevitably the thought that pulses though us when we stand at the bottom of Chair 1, craning our necks to see the top of Al’s Run, no matter how many times we’ve passed the infamous “Don’t Panic!” sign.

“Why would a beginner skier come to Taos?” is a question we hear a lot, due to the nature of our terrain. But the truth is, beginners have been learning at Taos since its inception, and learning at Taos makes for better skiers and snowboarders. Flip through any promotional pamphlet and you’ll read, “You don’t have to be an expert to ski Taos, but there is no better place to become one!” The Ernie Blake Snowsports School is world-renowned, and this winter, it’s getting even better. Here are a few things to look forward to this winter if you and your family are looking to become experts at Taos:


Strawberry Hill’s New Look

A new phenomenon is sweeping the ski industry called “Terrain Based Learning.” This means reshaping the hill so that the gradients increases at specific intervals, and incorporating snow features into the terrain that together control the gravity and speed of students, allowing them to focus on learning the movements of skiing and snowboarding without a fear of loosing control. It’s all about learning instinctively and having fun! You can learn about it here.

The children’s area on Strawberry Hill is being re-shaped for this purpose. We are partnering with SNOW Operating on this cool new project.

The Children’s Center

For decades, kids have been going through the Children’s Center, or “Kinderkäfig,” as Ernie Blake used to call it (Don’t Google Translate that unless you have a German sense of humor). If you’ve been in the Children’s Center before, the only thing you will recognize about it now is the exterior. The inside has gotten a complete overhaul. This means that the interior is being fully renovated and refurbished with streamlined check-in facilities, kid’s areas, and pick-up and drop-off areas.

The most exciting addition to the beginner’s area is a new pulse gondola that will transport skiers and pedestrians alike between the Children’s Center and the Resort Plaza. No more worrying about trudging across the snow in your sneakers or attempting to navigate the parking lot with the kids, and trying to get back to the base area in a decent amount of time. La Gondolita is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Season Passes

If you are reading this and thinking, wow, this sounds like something I want to be a part of this winter, then good news! Our Season Passes are on sale now! The youth pass for ages 7 – 17 is perfect for the kiddos, and children under 6 ski free. Click here to see our full list of offerings. Sale ends September 15.

With our legendary ski school, and the new improvements to our beginner’s area, we expect that our students at Taos will get the best experience and will be ripping Al’s Run in no time. That’s what it is like to learn how to ski at Taos.

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