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“Stories in Taos” is a new project on our blog where we highlight our employees and locals. They tell their story in their own words. It is the lives of the amazing people here that together make the narrative of Taos. If you know someone we should interview, message us on Facebook and let us know! 

“My Name is Andy Miera. You have to pronounce my last name with the ‘double-R’ sound; you have to roll your tongue. I am a Taos Ski Valley employee; I’ve been working up here for about 40 years. This summer I am helping with the summer lift operation on Lift 4. It’s a lot of fun. You get to meet a lot of people.

“Most people we deal with are people who have never been on a chairlift, and they are very apprehensive at first. We calm them down and make them feel comfortable. We can slow down the chair for them to get on and off. The lift is very safe. We talk to people all the time and we like to come up with some stories about how we call the chairlift different versions of “Chairway to -,” (like Stairway to Heaven) and we let them finish it off. They say “really?” And we say, “Of course!” People come up with all kind of crazy things.

“We’ve become kind of like an information center here. People are always asking where to eat and where to visit. Most often people ask “Where is Wheeler Peak?” or “Where is Williams Lake?” And sometimes they have them reversed. They’ll say Wheeler Lake, and Willams Peak. We usually end up giving them a hiking map.

“My favorite restaurant in Taos is the Guadalajara Grill. They have a good variety of food. Red chile enchiladas are one of my favorites. I probably prefer red chile a little more than green, especially if it is homemade. When I grew up, everything we ate was homemade. Now I like canning my own food at home. We grow a huge garden, and we pretty much preserve everything that we grow. It’s really cool.

“I’ve grown up here (in Taos) and there is so much for visitors to do. We have right here on our mountain, in our backyard, one of the best ski areas in the country. And we just have it all. We are gifted with all the things we have to offer. Taos is different, but it’s very fun because we have so many different cultures in Taos. It’s a close-knit community, which a lot of people don’t realize when they first come here. But one thing that they realize immediately is how friendly people are. But that is just how people are in Taos. We tend to get a long with everyone. Taos is wonderful.”

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