Taos Ski Valley: Summer Edition

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As you might expect, here at Taos Ski Valley, we are known for our skiing and snowboarding. That’s just a given. But don’t let the “ski” in our name fool you; there are actually a plethora of activities besides skiing to do here, and while we count down the days until we can ski again, we like to keep ourselves busy with these fun summer activities:


Adventure Stuff

New Mexico is hot in the summer, but the mountains are notably cooler than the 90-degree weather down in the desert. Taos Ski Valley is a great place to come cool off and enjoy the mountains. Up here on the roof of New Mexico, you’ll find the highest point in the state (Wheeler Peak), wildflowers, flowing headwaters, and unbeatable views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, also known as #WhereTheRockiesBegin. Here are a few different ways to explore this incredible area:

William’s Lake


Things for the Kids

What about the munchkins? Not to worry, we’ve got them covered. This summer the Field Institute of Taos is hosting summer day camps on the weekends for kids ages 6 – 12. They will get a full day of outdoor adventures that include chairlift rides, games, nature crafts, photography, and lots of mountain fun! Call 575-770-2391 to register the kiddos.

Scenic Lift Rides


Fun Events

If we had to list our favorite summer things, we would say beer, dogs, hiking and beer. It’s pretty fitting that most of the events happening in Taos Ski Valley this summer fall under those categories. Check out what’s going on:

4th of July Celebration


Food, Yum Yum

Lastly, we’d like to add food to that list above with our favorite things. Lucky for us we have some great options to choose from, which is good, because some days we feel like spicy, and other times we have hankerings for German schnitzels. If you’ve been here, you know what we’re talking about.  If you haven’t, there is no time like the present to learn.

The Bavarian

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